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Exclusivity, a necessity of survival

Google+ is all the rage these days. Everyone is running around for an invite. Sadly, Google can’t deliver. I was pissed the first day when i couldn’t use it even though i got a few invites. They seem to be adding people at random now (my research leads me to believe that you need to be invited by a certain number of people before you get to actually use it). So, why does everyone wanna get into google+ so badly?

Exclusivity. Its cool cos not everyone else is on it. If you are on it, it implies you have more connections than others. Is it any different from Facebook? Naaa. Somewhat the same. Just a lil bit more simpler to use; especially the privacy settings. So, for the G+ revolution to succeed, it has to be an exclusive item for months or years to come. If not, its gonna crash and burn like Google Wave(whatever happened to that?). Only a few exclusive months will tell if people stick on here or go back to Facebook.

On the upside of G+, you get
1) Google stuff to play with(seems you can share documents and maps etc.)
2) learn to add numbers (+1 +2 +3 etc)
3) upload unlimited photos and videos in albums
4) easiest privacy settings ever

So folks, just hold on till you get your invites and check out the new social networking revolution. Circle me if you get in.


The LameĀ NameĀ Game

So, im at my friend’s house nd discussing about 1 of our productions (this 1 being a movie that we hav in post production that i shall discuss later in another post)…. There i see that hes got a blog. Then i get jealous nd want my own blog lyk a lil kid. Now the lil kid goes to wordpress.com then and there (making my friend very angry in the process).

So now we are at the signup phase, nd i stumble onto a problem, “WHAT THE HELL DO I CHOOSE AS A USERNAME???”. My friend though does hav a cool username (OCULARIUM, which i frankly don’t think is even a word). Well now the problem worsens. He’s got 1 nd i haven’t got 1 yet. :@ . Now the thought process moves onto nicknames (BTW, my close friends call me BEAR). i tried various combinations nd then eventually thought to myself, why dont i google for 1. they do hav the answer to every question in life that a person may come across. But then thats taking my lameness standards to new lows. I quickly opted out nd began to scratch my head nd finally ended up with something. That something is what u see before your eyes as ALIENBEAR.

In my next post, something about myself nd my friends

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