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Most Wanted Flashback

I was spending my tym at college rather fruitfully (i.e. being upto no good), nd a friend pops by into my class wid his laptop nd starts playing games on his laptop(classroom being empty ofcourse). I cant blame him, hes come to college for a small errand nd hes got nothing else to do till college hours end.

There i see him play NFS most wanted, an old racing game from 4-5 yrs back. This brought back memories of wen i was in grade 12. It was my favourite hobby (actually back then, no better game used to work on my PC). So i begged him into giving me a turn at it nd i loved wat it felt lyk. It really feels the same nd i was still damn gud at the game. This brought back countless memories of all the times i hav played the game in the past, especially around the board exams in 12th(for those not indian, we hav a common government exam at the end of 12th grade).

nd a note to that friend, should he be reading this, “thank you for the flashback“.

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