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The Social Network – A Review

It is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The reason may have something to do with our fascination over Facebook, the mother of all social networks. It is as addictive as drugs. People tend to stay on it much longer than anything else. OK, well, lets get back to the movie.

It’s all about the creation of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a really normal college going kid, until he got inspired to do something great. Not because he wanted to be great or anything. All he wanted to do was to get into a few awesome rated clubs at Harvard. Hey, its not wrong to want to be famous. Anyway, his 1st enterprise at Harvard was “FACE MASH”. It flopped and blew up in his face gaining him notoriety in the process. All this takes up the first 10 minutes of the movie.

The rest of the movie narrates how Mark created Facebook, while stealing a few ideas, pissing off a few people. But who are we to judge, he brought us Facebook.

The movie is a must watch for anyone who as ever used Facebook. Good acting, direction, casting……… blah, lets just call it a good movie. Not to mention, it’s a true story.

Happily ever after

today its gonna be a movie review folks. Not just any movie, its 1 that i want you all to see. also, the music is A.R. Rahman, so enjoy it.

We have all seen love movies. In Hollywood, it is 2 people who meet randomly somewhere (preferably in a shop or the street) and later keep bumping into each other throughout the movie until eventually the fall in love or get married or blah blah blah ……………………….

In Bollywood, it’s a guy and a girl, preferably one of them rich and the other poor, who meet somewhere and experience love at first sight. Then they have a lot of dance numbers and eventually they get together (with the consent of parents, finally) or run away in order to live happily ever after. All stories are variations of these. The same goes for Tamil and other regional dialects as well.

But in real life, how many stories happen like this? 1 or 2, not more than that. You wanna know why? Life isn’t always a bed of roses. People don’t fall in love easily, and if they do, not all stories have happy endings. Most love stories in real life are failure stories. (no offense, but i just came straight to the point)

the summary

Now let me tell you about this movie that i saw. ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa’ (means, ‘will you cross the skies for me?’) . It appears as a typical love story.

guy (‘Karthik’ played by Silambarasan) sees gal(‘Jesse’ played by Trisha). guy falls in love. She stays at the same place (looking at convenience, i.e.). he starts singing a song at that moment when he sees her.

guy goes behind gal. but no use. she isn’t interested.

later, he convinces her that she likes him (gals can be dumb sometimes and guys might have to point things out from time to time). She agrees, but tells that she can’t go against her dad’s wishes. Later on, she is so attached to her hero that she is prepared to leave everything behind for him. But certain events occur that lead to them being separated and parting ways. Guy goes back into his work (i forgot he was a wannabe director). eventually, after 2 years, he decides to write and direct a movie, his love story. He directs it and eventually 1 day of filming at New York, sees Jesse again. There he learns she isn’t married off as he was led to believe. He asks her to marry him on the same day.

****** spoiler alert*****

come read the rest after you see the movie

And then his movie ends. Not the movie, his movie. He didn’t go marry the Jesse, she was in fact really married already. He just wanted to show people through his movie the ending he would have preferred. The last scene is when Jesse and Karthik watch his movie in the movie theater. Only there we realize that it was just an illusion and that the both lead separate lives with separate destinies.

There it is folks. The first movie I have seen in Tamil where the ending isn’t happily ever after. I felt it was rather true version of love. Not all love succeeds. There are those that fail and these don’t usually get shown in the movies. Maybe because we all go to the theaters to see movies that make us believe in fairy tale lives where everything becomes perfect.

As far as my recommendations are concerned. It is an awesome movie that everyone should see, even though u already know the story. It is quite perfectly directed. The music is by A.R. Rahman. That itself speaks volumes about the music. Particular songs of interest will be ‘Hosana’ , ‘Anbil Avan’ and ‘Kannukkul Kannai’.  The background score is excellent (also by Rahman). I will rate the movie overall at 9 out of 10 (because not everything in life is perfect 😉 ).

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