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The LameĀ NameĀ Game

So, im at my friend’s house nd discussing about 1 of our productions (this 1 being a movie that we hav in post production that i shall discuss later in another post)…. There i see that hes got a blog. Then i get jealous nd want my own blog lyk a lil kid. Now the lil kid goes to wordpress.com then and there (making my friend very angry in the process).

So now we are at the signup phase, nd i stumble onto a problem, “WHAT THE HELL DO I CHOOSE AS A USERNAME???”. My friend though does hav a cool username (OCULARIUM, which i frankly don’t think is even a word). Well now the problem worsens. He’s got 1 nd i haven’t got 1 yet. :@ . Now the thought process moves onto nicknames (BTW, my close friends call me BEAR). i tried various combinations nd then eventually thought to myself, why dont i google for 1. they do hav the answer to every question in life that a person may come across. But then thats taking my lameness standards to new lows. I quickly opted out nd began to scratch my head nd finally ended up with something. That something is what u see before your eyes as ALIENBEAR.

In my next post, something about myself nd my friends

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