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A lesson in photoshop, a sample project workflow

In order to understand photoshop, one must see a project and how it progresses from scratch. I did a cartoon scene for the first time a few months back. As i went through it, i took snaps at each step.

First, let me explain that the entire scene is DEXTER’S LABORATORY.

STEP 1: The Background

As you may have noticed by now, i drew the outline, then started coloring 1 shade and then another and another till i filled the entire image. Thus, completing the background.

Step 2 : The Foreground

So, next i went on and colored the foreground as well. A point that one must note is that, you must not change the foreground a lot from the original idea in your mind. However, changing the background is not a problem as long as the image does not clash in contrast or the general mood.

Step 3 : Merging it all together

Now we are done. The whole thing took me about 7-8 hours in total (I was inexperienced back then, i think i can do this in a quarter of that time now).

A few important notes

first of all, sketch each part first before coloring

Next, In photoshop, it is way better to make each part in its own layer. So we can have 1 layer for dexter, 1 for the machine in the foreground, another 2 or 3 for the background. It’s got its advantages when we put it all together.

Finally, practice makes perfect.

A tutorial in adobe photoshop – photoshop 101

For about a year now, I have been fiddling around with Adobe Photoshop due to the constant irritating nagging by my friend who is keeper of the occularium. Over time, I have grown from a novice to semi-pro (calling myself pro would be bragging now, wouldn’t it?). Anyway, I felt that I should give something back to the world on that account. So, whenever I’m free, I’ll post a tutorial or 2 for someone to learn.

Anyway, lets get down to business.

Adobe Photoshop is a software that can be used to manipulate photos and even be used to create banners and posters. The possibilities are endless and you are limited only by your imagination. Oh, and also your PC (Unless you got the processor for it, don’t try many experiments, might get really stuck). Let’s start photoshop for the 1st time (I’m assuming you have been lazy so far, It’s ok, so was I till I started). TIP: Click on the pics to get the enlarged view, I have my limitations on posting in the blog.

Let’s see now, 1 is the menu, 2 is the tools panel, 3 is the colors and swatches panel, 4 is the adjustments panel, 5 is the layers panel.

Now onto some details

At the menu, we got the File which has options for saving, opening, automating scripts and photomerge among a billion others. All will be explained in due course. Edit contains the standard cut, copy, paste as well as various transform options among others. The program preferences are also in the Edit option. The other important menus are Image, Layer, Select, Filter. Most of the rest is just stuff no one really needs. Except occasionally.

The tools pane contains all the necessary tools to manipulate a given image through a dozen or more methods of selection, different kinds of brushes and erasers and a host of navigation features for both 2d and 3d images, not to mention cropping tool. The selection tools are mainly classified by shape. Another type of selection is the magic wand. It selects from within an image by similar colors ( good for high contrast pics).

Color picker tool for picking colors from a pic to apply for a brush. There are a host of healing tools to repair damaged pics. Gradient, Paint bucket, selection, Text tools are but a few of the rest.

One thing to note is that, selecting the brush tool unlocks a million options. Options range from size of the brush, type, opacity, brush orientation…. etc. This ensures a very unique creation for everyone’s imagination.

A few tools to blur and sharpen pics exist. I will explain burning and dodging (another set of tools) later in great detail.Another tools is the shape layer for the creation of vector shapes. These don’t lose their crispiness as we resize the pics.

The other tools are the Hand tool to pan through a big pic. A few tools that you may not see in your version of photoshop is the 3D tools. This is because, I am using Photoshop CS4 extended. 3d tools are available only in the CS4 and CS5 extended versions. These tools are not necessary to pull off anything extraordinary. A lot of people have developed workarounds for when such tools weren’t available in photoshop.

3,4,5 from the main screenshot describes the color swatches,adjustments and layers panel. The color swatches panel is where colors can be mixed in appropriate quantities and even saved in a swatch for later use. Adjustment panel contains an array of effects to b used on photos. The options can only be seen if a pic is loaded. Layers are a topic that needs to be described in great detail and hence I’m not saying anything about it for now.

With this, I end my intro to photoshop. Hope you understood what i hoped to convey. Any doubts? Comment below.

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