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The Landings adventure‚Ķ.. (still in progress)

Ever since 2007, Sree FX and i planned to make a movie. In 2005, we decided on a story and named the title as COPYRIGHT. The story was about 2 guys getting into the pirated CD business and the shit they both get into. Long story short, we didnt get to make our film due to unforeseen circumstances (Sree FX had to leave the country urgently). Then after we joined college, we started thinking of making movies. The next summer vacation, nothing happened. However in the summer of 2009, we did manage to make a story after careful discussion (we spoke over the phone for 3-4 hrs continuous and came up with a story and drew a storyboard) and shot it. Im not going to tell you the story of it just yet. We are now in the post production of it (actively editing the footage). We will release the movie before the end of this summer. Hope you all like the trailer we have made a few months back.

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