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Great things

sometimes i wonder what it is that we are meant to do in life. is it that all of us are meant to achieve great things. or is that reserved for a select few. and how do you know which category one belongs to. does one get a text message saying “you are going places”. Or maybe an email. Hope that doesn’t go into the spam folder (the sender is anonymous, you see). Maybe this email might come from an online medical sales rep. These types always promise an enlarged experience of life.

By the time one realizes that he didn’t get the message, he is already too late to try by himself to succeed. Cos, if there is anything that man likes to do once fate isnt rooting for him, is to declare that there is no fate and that only effort will get a person there.if that attempt fails too, blame it on fate yet again, cos we petty humans are not meant to fiddle around by bypassing fate. And now fate has come back to squash your efforts with a vengeance.

All i gotta say is die trying;….. at least

Aperture – An introduction

I have been off the grid for a while now. In the meantime, i became the proud owner of a DSLR (a dream come true after many years). Which meant that i gained an “i must go pro-photography” attitude. But as most of you who know me know, i am a pro photo editor.

Photography was just the final frontier to conquer. And i did, with my friends who have owned DSLRs for quite a time, over a series of morning shootouts on a Friday morning and outings.

I improved my photography skills while they all learnt post processing in photoshop and lightroom. This growth has been happening for the past few months and now reached an eventual climax.

Now i present to the world, APERTURE.

ImageAPERTURE was formed by myself and my friends Niaz Basheer and Sebey Abraham. We joined together so that we may teach interested folks around us about photography. A world i have grown to see as infinite.

More details coming soon.


Niaz Basheer is a banker, soon to be an auditor. His interests span from photography and toastmasters to adventure travel. Known for his famous landscape and portrait photography.

Sebey Abraham is in the shipping industry. His interest in photography started many years back with the purchase of a point and shoot. His experience gained through years of trial and error has now become his natural instincts.

Sachin Thomas, you need no introduction to 😛

End of an era

To many people, Steve Jobs symbolized many things. maker of the i-pod,i-pad,i-phone, creator of  “fonts” for computers, founder of PIXAR. To me, he was a visionary who showed the world a way forward. Be it computers, music players or animated movies.

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


How to become an african dictator

How to become an African Dictator in 9 easy steps.

This is not a political statement, just poking fun. Take it in the right spirit dictators.


twenty two years of learning

I recently celebrated my birthday…. yay, cake time

yes… there was a cake, and I’m not here to talk about my cake. On the said day, i had an epiphany about my life. I saw how it’s been going on till my 22nd year of birth. This inspired me to make the next comic.

The Evolution of Shaving : Part 2

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The Evolution of Shaving


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