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No, not a stock market crash. I am gonna talk about a hard disk crash. It happened to me. It might happen to You. Well, I am not a sadist. So i wish to share a few procedures so that you dont lose all your precious information ( i mean pics, favourite music, videos…).

But first, a few facts. Hard Disks have errors. So many of them in fact that every block of memory (a particular amount of hard disk space) has built in extra space to account for the space lost through errors. These days, hard disk space has been increasing exponentially. Nowadays, few company makes hard disks smaller that 250GB. But all hard disks have the same size. This size constraint is maintained by Fitting more data into denser disks. This results in more errors. Eventually, many blocks of memory become unusable. Finally the hard disk crashes.  Now, a few steps that might save a few of you from the misery i faced by losing some important data.

1)  Do a disk check once in a while. For windows users, u can start it by going to your ‘My Computer’ and right-click on your hard disk drive to see the options for that.

2)  Do a disk defragment. This is reachable from the same menu as above.

3)  Backup your important data on another drive. If you don’t have another drive, buy a portable hard disk. Its cheap enough and you don’t need a very high capacity drive. You can even use an automatic backup software to do that.

I hope this advice will help someone out there and not have to go through what i have gone through.

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