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Super8 – A review

Super8. Doesn’t give a hint about what the movie is about. 10 minutes in, you think its a horror movie. Keeps confusing you into thinking its a movie about a lot of things. and finally it hits you; alien movie. All in all, good plot, acting, direction etc. But you might get a bit impatient about seeing the shape of the alien till almost the end. But a good movie none the less. 4/5 (1 point less for making me impatient)


Eat Pray Love – A review

A friend of mine offered me premiere tickets to watch Eat Pray Love just a few hours before the movie. So I had to make a hectic dash to the cinema at the other end of town. Making it just in time, I had no time to check out the net for reviews. As the movie was starting, I was slightly hungry.

The movie is about Liz (played by Julia Roberts), who makes stupid decisions in her life. I mean, who quits her job and divorces her husband in order to go to a random country in search of a purpose in life. As the movie went on into the 1st Act, all i could see on screen was food. Pasta, margarita pizza, turkey roast,….. The list was endless. All this was while she went on vacation or backpacking or whatever you call it to Rome. Hunger pangs growing, I had no option but to gulp and digest my own saliva. As we continued to the 2nd act, Liz decided to go to India to pray at a guru’s ashram. By this point, i was praying for the movie to end. Then she goes to Bali in search of a purpose in life. In order to not spoil the climax for anyone, I keep my mouth shut. But I must say this, get some extra popcorn if you are mentally deranged enough to watch this movie, cos its too long at more than 2 hrs 10 mins.

Overall, the movie did have “eat”, “pray” and “love” since the movie was cut into 3 equal parts concerning food, prayer and relationships. Also, in my personal opinion, Julia Roberts might not get any new movie deals. Another info, Brad Pitt’s production company (Plan B) produced the movie.

Verdict: the movie is utterly pointless and will make anyone who is clueless about their lives decide on what to do in the long time it takes for the movie to finish.

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