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A 15 minute cycled obsession

Today im gonna tell u about an obsession. Not just mine (though u cant call it an obsession for me), but of my friend who writes the OCULARIUM blog. The obsession is none other than MOUSEHUNT, a facebook game, which, not long ago, i too was a fan of (and i still am a little bit). I take his case because i don’t know many others who play the game.

My friend (Sree FX as he is known to many) connects to his home WiFi from his mobile phone and has saved the mousehunt app page in the phone browser. All this work for nothing other than “sounding the horn” (initiating the hunt for the mouse) every 15 minutes from anywhere inside his house.

Now let me explain about MouseHunt . It is a game where hunters set up traps and bait cheese to attract mice. When the “horn” is sounded, the player initiates the hunt and catches mice. The mice return gold and experience. The gold is used to buy more expensive traps and cheese while the experience lets the player level up. The game was developped by Hitgrab inc.  in 2008. Now its got a large fan following of about 300,000 daily players (quite good for a facebook app). Though this does not compare with other facebook games like Mafia wars (daily players of over 25 million, which includes me), it is quite successful with a simple interface and even a wiki for a walkthrough( MHwiki). The game is always in active development with new locations coming up often and new species of mice added regularly (mice have to be added since the players hunt them to extinction). This game will drive players mad for a while until the obsession decreases and turns into a healthier one (rather like how i am at the moment) where the hunter sounds the horn an average of 1 time a day (instead of 20 or 30 when they first get hooked on).

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