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My Precious….. Ruined

Im pissed………. I really am. Not at the whole world or anything. Currently my anger is focussed on Nokia. Nokia that makes the largest number of useless phones in the world.

Here goes my problem. The greatest idiotic programmers in the world decided to update their NOKIA OVI suite(A perfectly working software, i mite add) and their phone softwares at the same tym. I as 1 of those fools(found out that im 1 of 100s) decided to update the phone first before the PC software. Right aftr that, i lost all my phone music( “my precious”, as gollum from LOTR wud put it).

Aftr i realised my error, i recopied all those 100s of songs to get my phone back to its old state. My research revealed that the update actually just improves the interface a lil bit(i was soooooo fond of the slighly suckier interface, sigh). I hav learnt my lesson, “IF IT WORKS, DONT FIX IT MORE”.

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