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The begining of the end?

As u r probably already aware, i play Mafia Wars on facebook. The game is awesome and addictive even though it is text based. Its description on the app info page says “Join your friends and more than 25 million other players in Mafia Wars, the world’s most popular crime game.”

25 million….. hmmm, pretty huge. How is it calculated? There are companies that do this for facebook since facebook is too huge to do marketing research on their own. Anyway, all the marketing firms are coming up with results that show that no one plays mafia wars as much as they used to. Theres a reason, the game is expanding so fast that players cant keep up and eventually lose interest. New marketing research over the past month shows that the average monthly players a.k.a. MAU has reduced sharply from a peak of almost 26 million users to close to 22 million, and it is a decreasing trend. Even the daily players (DAU) have reduced in number to close 5 million players from 6 million. Is this the begining of the end for mafia wars and other zynga games like farmville?????

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