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Looks can be deceiving

I was tempted by the offer of fresh refreshing orange juice…. The thirst was actually unbearable in this Dubai heat. So i took up on the offer by my girlfrnd and decided to try it even aftr a small warning (“doesnt taste so good without sugar”). To my horror, it was like drinking acid.

She was still looking at me drink, with the expectation of me finishing off atleast half of the 1 Liter pack. I, on the other hand was thinking how do i get rid of all this without her noticing. If i throw it on some plants, who knows, it might mutate into giant flesh eating varieties. I told her, while looking at her expectant face, that it tastes bitter. Yep, bitter. “NO SUGAR ADDED”, were the words on the pack. Why cant they lie and cheat like all the other companies who pretend to use all natural ingredients while actually using synthetics to reduce costs. Damn those truthful bastards. She said, “you can drink it tomorrow then, we will put some sugar in it”.

Let this post be a warning to all those who might want to try this pleasant all-natural orange juice. 

Note: Safa juice company, no harm intended on your orange juice, but , try adding a little more sugar

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