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blame it on the octopus…

I always wanted to know how fans react to FIFA matches. I have heard of riots and protests due to the outcome of  a match. Case in point: Algeria vs Egypt qualifier for FIFA 2010. The 2 countries almost went into war with each other.

Anyway, I’m not changing topics. I and my best buddy Sreerag (click to go to his blog) decided to head up to a mall food court.We decided on Germany vs Argentina; the supposed match that will decide the fate of who wins FIFA. We chose Arabian center mall because it was a little bit out of the city. I thought “It’s a mall far away, so no one is gonna be there”. I was dead wrong. What i saw there was a crowd of about 200-300 people, all assembled near the giant projector screen at the food court. Another thing to note was, we were secretly supporting Argentina (I’ll explain the importance later).

Anyway, by the time we reached there, the first goal was over (who expects a goal in the first 3 minutes). Germans scored. We were hunting for seats and finally we found towards the back edge of the court. We had a problem, Sreerag forgot his glasses. That means what ‘players are playing on the field’ to me was ‘just grass’ to him. Anyway, long story short we found seats closer so that we could see Maradona’s face upset.  As the play continued, the  “oooooooh” and “aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww” screams by the crowd became more prominent. It became clear that there were far too many Argentinian supporters compared to the Germans.

We got ourselves a little snack at halftime and continued watching. By about 65 minutes in, everyone knew that Germany would win because the score was 2-0. Suddenly it felt like the crowd had switched sides. The last Argentina fans were changing sides soon. Only people still supporting Argentina were those wearing their jerseys. The crowd cheered on for the great German defense and their eventual victory at a score of 4-0 to Argentina. The moment the match ended, Maradona was in tears. So was Messi, supposedly one of the best players ever.

As the crowds walked away in delight ( actually sadness, but who is gonna admit they came in supporting Argentina and risk social suicide), i thought, damn, that bloody octopus. It predicted the match correctly. Germany did beat Argentina, that too humiliatingly. The octopus I’m referring to is a so called “psychic”  octopus that predicts whether Germany wins the FIFA 2010 world cup match or not. It’s easy for the octopus. Choose Germany always and gain international stardom even though you have a brain the size of a peanut.

Now i just thought to myself; if the octopus chose Argentina, would they have won?

If you wanna read further, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/10420131.stm

Footy Fever with a twist……

I’m not a fottball fan. Yet it’s FIFA world cup season and i got sucked in, even if a little late. I didn’t care about the game during the first round. Then slowly, i started unknowingly knowing the scores of the first few round of 16 matches. Soon i got so engulfed that i saw a full match. Hey… wat do you know? It’s actually fun to watch.

It continued finally until the last group of 16 match between spain and portugal. The prematch comments made it sound so intense and hence i jsut picked a team to support. Portugal. I ain’t afraid to admit it. Yeah yea, i know they lost. Anyway i saw an event on the 88th minute. Costa from the portuguese team got a red card for apparently tripping Capdevila from the spanish side. The referees didnt pay any attention to whatever anyone had to say. They took a decision based on what they saw. from the referee’s angle, it was a foul that demanded a red card.

Within seconds, the TV channels were showing replays of the event and it was shown that these 2 were atleast 15 cms apart from each other at the moment of the said foul(elbow foul). The drama did not end there. Capdevila claimed hsi head was paining and fell to the ground. A few seconds later, he got up and seeing the comotion, fell down again to continue faking his head injury.

Apparently he is a better actor than a footballer. Anyway, this enraged me. Why should someone be red carded when he did nothing wrong. On further research, i found out that many goals for this FIFA world cup have become controversial. Now I’m sure of one thing; I will be watching every match from now on for more errors. Talk about footy fever.

I also dont understand that why in this age of technology, do the referees not get to see the high speed camera footage and be able to decide controversies based on that. Every other sport in the world relies on technology. I think FIFA should embrace technology instead of staying in the dark ages.

Here’s the footage of the so called foul and it’s aftermath.

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