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Life on Facebook

As most of you readers are already addicted to Facebook, i would like you to see what could be the end of it all for you. Watch this video 1st. I stumbled upon it on Facebook.

You may have noticed that the person never signs out of Facebook ever in his life. We have become addicted to the site to a point that, whatever we think ends up on it in some form or another. It’s already the defacto storage room for all our photos, notes, videos etc.

I’m not gonna be paranoid and say something that I’m gonna regret. All i wanna say is, when you make a will, please don’t let someone inherit your account. It’s sooooo uncool. Instead, make it clear that your page be converted to a fan page that all the people who ever knew you can come and like or comment. BTW, if you didn’t know that already, Facebook does do that if your relatives show your death certificate. Anyway, ending the post; gotta get back to Facebook…… 😉

The Social Network – A Review

It is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The reason may have something to do with our fascination over Facebook, the mother of all social networks. It is as addictive as drugs. People tend to stay on it much longer than anything else. OK, well, lets get back to the movie.

It’s all about the creation of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a really normal college going kid, until he got inspired to do something great. Not because he wanted to be great or anything. All he wanted to do was to get into a few awesome rated clubs at Harvard. Hey, its not wrong to want to be famous. Anyway, his 1st enterprise at Harvard was “FACE MASH”. It flopped and blew up in his face gaining him notoriety in the process. All this takes up the first 10 minutes of the movie.

The rest of the movie narrates how Mark created Facebook, while stealing a few ideas, pissing off a few people. But who are we to judge, he brought us Facebook.

The movie is a must watch for anyone who as ever used Facebook. Good acting, direction, casting……… blah, lets just call it a good movie. Not to mention, it’s a true story.

If I were stranded on an island…

I saw something on the internet that made me think, If i were stranded on a deserted island, what all would i need?

For one, i would need a laptop. with an internet connection. Oh, and i forgot that i will need a charger for the laptop. So give me electricity as well. If i were writing this article 30 years in the past, i would have said a food supply. A fresh supply of water would also have been a priority. Now its all gadgets that come to mind. My i-pod is more valuable than a bottle of water. As far as our mentalities are concerned, its ‘atleast i have my pirated music collection with me even if I’ll probably die of thirst in a few weeks’.

So, what all are the real necessities of a man’s life? its laptops,i-pods,internet, laptop cover (that’s right, you want to cover your laptop from extreme heat or cold before covering yourself),facebook etc.

So when does self preservation really kick in? At what point do we decide that we are worth more than our gadgets? No one really knows, do they?

It matters from person to person. Generally older people choose themselves over their gadgets. This is not due to the myth that people get more mature as they age. This is purely based on the fact that there weren’t that many gadgets when these people were kids, and they know how to survive without them. So are we all going to destroy the future of our species by overly relying on what the smartest of our kind have created? Who am i to tell. Google it!

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