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If I were stranded on an island…

I saw something on the internet that made me think, If i were stranded on a deserted island, what all would i need?

For one, i would need a laptop. with an internet connection. Oh, and i forgot that i will need a charger for the laptop. So give me electricity as well. If i were writing this article 30 years in the past, i would have said a food supply. A fresh supply of water would also have been a priority. Now its all gadgets that come to mind. My i-pod is more valuable than a bottle of water. As far as our mentalities are concerned, its ‘atleast i have my pirated music collection with me even if I’ll probably die of thirst in a few weeks’.

So, what all are the real necessities of a man’s life? its laptops,i-pods,internet, laptop cover (that’s right, you want to cover your laptop from extreme heat or cold before covering yourself),facebook etc.

So when does self preservation really kick in? At what point do we decide that we are worth more than our gadgets? No one really knows, do they?

It matters from person to person. Generally older people choose themselves over their gadgets. This is not due to the myth that people get more mature as they age. This is purely based on the fact that there weren’t that many gadgets when these people were kids, and they know how to survive without them. So are we all going to destroy the future of our species by overly relying on what the smartest of our kind have created? Who am i to tell. Google it!


The Ugly Truth

Ever wondered from where all that food we eat comes from?

IF u were thinking of chicken, you might b thinking of a farm with lots of chicken running around. They might be running around the grassy farm eating all the little pieces of food that makes them grow fully. A typical chicken grows into a hen in 90 days under normal circumstances. But that doesn’t seem profitable. It takes a long 90 days to grow. Even needs a lot more food and farmland to work.

How can they cut costs? 1st, lets screw open farmlands. Instead, lets have a closed farm. It takes less space. 2nd, lets introduce some environmental controls. Animals in a perfect temperature are more happier and grow faster. 3rd, lets modify their genes. It will help us grow them faster. Now its 48 days instead of 90 days.

Would you buy chicken if you knew they were grown in such a way that the animal never is able to stand up because its legs haven’t developed enough for it to stand up. See the below picture.

Vegetarians, even you are affected. What do you see when you buy a bottle of milk? Probably the picture of Cows standing in green pasture. The reality is different.

You are making a choice and voting for this type of CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation)  farming each and every time you buy such products. Make a choice. Not everyone farms like this. Buy products from such companies and force CAFO farmers to change their ways.

Please watch the documentry FOOD INC. and learn more.

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