Unique views of a unique person

Great things

sometimes i wonder what it is that we are meant to do in life. is it that all of us are meant to achieve great things. or is that reserved for a select few. and how do you know which category one belongs to. does one get a text message saying “you are going places”. Or maybe an email. Hope that doesn’t go into the spam folder (the sender is anonymous, you see). Maybe this email might come from an online medical sales rep. These types always promise an enlarged experience of life.

By the time one realizes that he didn’t get the message, he is already too late to try by himself to succeed. Cos, if there is anything that man likes to do once fate isnt rooting for him, is to declare that there is no fate and that only effort will get a person there.if that attempt fails too, blame it on fate yet again, cos we petty humans are not meant to fiddle around by bypassing fate. And now fate has come back to squash your efforts with a vengeance.

All i gotta say is die trying;….. at least


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